Mentoring Areas

About the sessions:


Every person is different, having their own unique journey and experience. The work we would do together would be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and would be carried out in strict confidence. Sessions take place on a one to one private basis, however some sessions can take place at a performance venue to enable more in depth preparation.




Typical areas of support include:


  •  Support to manage anxiety – both physical and psychological symptoms

  •  Support to prepare for performances, auditions, competitions and exams

  •  Developing performance routines – pre, during and post performance

  •  Preparing for the ‘what ifs’

  •  Building mental strength to enhance performance

  •  Dealing with / recovering from mistakes, thinking clearly under pressure, building focus,   productive post-performance analysis

  •  Learning strategies to cope under pressure

  •  Building self-confidence and self trust

  •  Stage presence training

  •  Increasing the reliability of performances

Training and workshops:

  • Training sessions for groups or individuals

  • Workshops and presentations for groups/organisations