Questions you might have about sessions

How many sessions will I need?


The sessions are individually designed, so there is no fixed amount. We will build our programme of mentoring together, however the mentoring programme is designed to be short-term.



Will I need to play / sing in my sessions? 


There is no need to play or sing in sessions, however if you wish, you are more than welcome and we can incorporate this into the work we would do together.


In particular, some people want to work with me within a performance context, to create a performance environment and do some 'hands on' work together. However, the work we would do is tailor made and would not necessarily need to include any of this.



How long do sessions last?


Sessions will typically last about 1 hour, unless otherwise requested. Follow up sessions can be carried out face to face, by phone, by email or via skype. Being individually tailored, these mentoring sessions are designed to be as flexible and convenient as possible to fit around busy schedules.



Will my sessions be confidential?


Yes. Everything discussed in our sessions will be completely confidential.



How much do sessions cost?


Please get in touch via the contact page for more information.



Who can have mentoring?


Everyone! Mentoring sessions can help professionals, students and amateur musicians.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.